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beginner or professional.

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The Essential Guide To Ghostwriting

How To Make Money As A Ghostwriter
Step By Step Plan For Anyone Wanting To Use Their Writing Skills.

"Created Just for You... A Step By Step Plan Showing How To Use Your Skill with Words to Rake In Top $$$ as a Ghostwriter... Dead Simple Systems, Checklists & Strategies to Ensure The Best Clients Are Queuing Up to Hire YOU!"

You'll have the information you need to set up business FAST as a well-paid, in-demand ghostwriter right at your fingertips ... This system is so good that you'll have other writers begging you to share your secrets.

(Newsflash: The 'Ghostwriting Guide' has been updated for 2008)

From: Marg McAlister

Dear Friend,

I'm here to lay it on the line: ghostwriting is one of the best ways for any writer to make a consistently good income doing what they enjoy. It stands head and shoulders over just about anything else you can do. And with the systems and strategies that I'm about to reveal in The Essential Guide to Ghostwriting, it's dead easy to set up business!

I know, because I've done it myself. What's more, I have actually trained a group of ghostwriters - using the contents of this manual! I've fine-tuned the contents with one purpose in mind: to get you up and running FAST. You'll have all the information you need to make sure you're ahead of the pack. Everything you read here is tried and tested. (The ghostwriters I've trained are ALREADY making money!)

Ghostwriters are the secret army behind scores of paperback books found in libraries and book stores - and especially behind the reports, articles, e-books, manuals, how-to books and mini-courses you see all over the Internet. Buy a book on any subject, and there's a fifty per cent chance that it has been produced by a ghostwriter. It's a simple matter of taking any information that your client gives you, doing some highly targeted research (I tell you how!) and you're out of the starting blocks.

Do you ever see the ghostwriter's name? Rarely. Sometimes in the past, I've been given a credit as the 'editor' or 'proofreader' of work, but the client's name is the one that appears as the author. Do I care? Not one little bit! I'm grinning like a maniac as I watch the profits pour into my Internet banking account. I know I'm good at what I do - and there are plenty of clients who recognize that and reward me appropriately.

In short: I'm thrilled to pieces to be earning a great income, from home, doing something I love!

Let me ask you a question: "How often have people told you that ...
'you're so good with words, you should write a book

More times than you can count, I'm willing to bet. (Maybe you actually have written a book - but the darn thing is just not making you any money!)

It could well be that, like thousands of other writers, you've been struggling away for years trying to get a foot in the door... getting more and more despondent as the rejections keep pouring in.

And now, people are starting to tell you that it's time to get a 'real job' - right? (Even if they're not saying it to your face... you can tell they're thinking it!)

Well, I'm here to tell you that writing is a 'real job'.  And ghostwriting, in particular, is the kind of job that most of those 'go and get a real job' people would kill to have!

to have a job where you can:

  • Work from home, putting in the hours that you choose... (not the hours someone else imposes on you!) 

  • Do the kind of work you love - in fact, sometimes you'll secretly feel that you should be paying your client, because you're having so much fun! 

  • Earn the kind of money that you can only dream of when you are writing fiction... (or working in a dreary job that you hate getting up for) 

  • Experience the thrill of satisfaction when you see completed books, reports, articles mounting up, one after another: all of them works that YOU have created! (You get to see your credits piling up... take phone call after phone call from keen clients... and get paid well for it

  • Build up your knowledge in dozens of fascinating areas - to the stage where YOU become the acknowledged expert: YOU'RE the 'go to person' on the subject! (And you know what happens when you're the expert, don't you? Yes... you get more jobs, more money and higher pay for each job!) 

  • Get on-the-job training in all kinds of writing that will expand your career prospects further! Clients will ask you to write a vast range of materials - books, manuals, workbooks, reports, website copy, mini-courses, email letters, sales letters, and articles. Your CV gets more impressive every day. 

  • Actually use ALL your writing skills - did you know that fiction writers are sought-after ghostwriters? (Why? Because they KNOW how to personalize experiences... for them, those little anecdotes that grab the reader's attention are a breeze.)

The Essential Guide To Ghostwriting

The Essential Guide To Ghostwriting - How To Make Money As A Ghostwriter


Novel Writing Made Easy

Professional Authors Step-by-Step System For Planning A Novel That Practically Writes Itself.

Discover the sure fire secrets to publishing success ...

"Become A Published Novelist This Year ... You Can Do It - Once You Have The Proven Secrets  of The Novel Writing Made Easy System"

From the ocean side home of Andrea Rains Waggener, [Novelist]

Dear Fellow Writer:

You know what it's like ... staring at a blank screen ... completely at a loss of how to get started ... the weight of the 360 pages almost unbearable because you haven't written a single word yet ... all your doubts gathering around like a swarm of merciless critics.

At first glance, writing a novel can seem like a monumental, nearly impossible task. It's tempting to throw up your hands and walk away. But the itch just won't let you do that, will it?

No matter how many times you walk down the aisles at the bookstore, green with envy at the sight of all those books with other people's names on the covers, and tell yourself that you'll never be one of those names ... you still can't let go of the idea of writing a novel, can you?

Because you know that's who you are inside ... a writer.

You know that's what you want for your life ... to be a published novelist. And you know that if others have it, then you can do it. In fact, you've read more novels than you can count on both hands that you could have written better, haven't you?

  1. Do you subscribe to a writer's magazine?  More than one writer's magazine?

  2. Do you have a collection of writing books on your shelves? 

  3. Are they gathering dust because they never put together the pieces of the puzzle for you? 

Maybe one book would focus on structuring your novel, while another would focus on developing your characters, and another would focus on the setting and back story...

All the little pieces, but never the big picture.

I know, because I've been where you are. My bookshelves are crammed with books on writing, and I've read them all in search of what really works.

  • I've taken a dozen writing courses.

  • I've written a handful of novels that never sold, and

  • I've collected enough rejections slips to paper all four walls in my office.

  • I've done it all in my journey to become a published author.

And you know what?

I did it the hard way.  But you don't have to.

There's an easier way.

Novel Writing Made Easy

Novel Writing Made Easy - Planning A Novel That Practically Writes Itself.


Instant Recommendation - Letter Kit!

Download 79 real-life templates.
Personal - character - job - college.

How to Write Winning Letters of Recommendation
Shaun Fawcett M.B.A.

If you have arrived here looking for help with writing a letter of recommendation or a letter of reference, you have found the right place!

It just so happens that this Recommendation Letter and Reference Letter writing kit - including its 79 downloadable templates - is the number one resource on Planet Earth on this particular subject. That's right! Really!

"Instant Recommendation Letter Kit (Third Edition) is a unique information source that focuses on the writing of ALL types of recommendation letters and reference letters - personal, business, character, employment and college admission.

In addition to a wealth of tips, tricks, pointers, and information, the Kit includes a separate file with 79 real-life letter templates (MS-Word) that owners can download.

It also contains a bonus chapter on how to write college admission essays, including a number of downloadable essay samples, as well as a researched collection of links to of the top sites on the Net offering writing services for recommendation letters. This Kit is a unique "must-have" writing resource if you need help writing ANY kind of recommendation letter."

Here's what you get instantly with Instant Recommendation Letter Kit:

  • The one-and-only definitive source book for the writing of ALL types of letters of recommendation and letters of reference. (It's a 228 page ebook that you can download straight into Adobe Reader and use right now).
  • 79 professionally written, fully-formatted, full-length real-life recommendation letter templates (MS-Word format) that you can download straight into your word processing program and copy, cut and paste as you like - 5 Minutes From Now!
  • Special Bonus eBook titled Writing Success Secrets - Practical Tips and Tricks For Everyday Writing. (89 pages of writing tips, tricks and pointers).
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to use my proprietary "Template Adaptation Method" to create ANY type of recommendation letter in a matter of minutes.
  • Over 150 pre-written Recommendation Power Phrases that will fast-track your letters and give you a professional final product.
  • Dozens of tips, tricks, pointers and insider information, on how to write the vast majority of recommendation and reference letters that you will ever need to write.
  • My Top 30 fully-researched links to the best recommendation letter-writing resources on the Net, plus my personal writing reference short-list.
  • Free Bonus Chapter on how to write college admission essays including 5 real-life essay templates that you can download.
  • My personal pledge that if you find a recommendation letter requirement NOT covered by my real-life templates, I will write your letter for you - for free!
  • 100% Risk-Free Guarantee should your use of the information in the Kit not help you develop a high-quality recommendation or reference letter.
  • The most powerful set of recommendation letter tools that you will ever need to produce professional quality recommendation and reference letters for EVERY situation.

Instant Recommendation Letter Kit

Instant Recommendation - Letter Kit [79 real-life templates]  Personal - character - job - college


How to Write Anything with Lightning Speed

The FAST System (tm) shows you step by step how to write ten times faster.

By Jeff Bollow

Now Available as an Ebook!

Finally! We've listened to your requests...

Writing FAST: How to Write Anything with Lightning Speed is now available for immediate download as an eBook!

You get exactly the same content that's in the bestselling printed book, but since you don't have to wait for the physical product to ship to you, you can get started using Writing FAST today!

The downside is that you don't have a printed book to hold in your hands (which we think is a pretty nice thing to have), and since we put a lot of care into the quality of the book, we know what you're missing.

But info is info, and it doesn't matter which way you read it - just be sure to read Writing FAST as soon as you can, because it will change the way you write forever!

The Ultimate Writing System!

How to Write Anything with Lightning Speed By Jeff Bollow


Easy Writing Biz

Discover How To Get Paid To Write (freelance)
For People On The Internet with Very Little Or No Experience!

Writers Desperately Needed On the Internet ...

No Experience Necessary!

"Discover How You Too Can Easily Earn A Full Time Living Writing On The Internet –  Even If You Have No Prior Writing Experience Whatsoever!"

 If You Can At Least Write at a Basic Ninth-Grade Level, You Too Can Make Money
Lots & Lots of Money – With This Genuine and Easy Internet Writing Biz!

To Date: Over 10,000 people have capitalized and made a full time living ...
using this incredible new "home-based" internet business

Christina McDonald

Get Paid To Write Content Online!

From the desk of: Christina McDonald

Before I get into details... let me explain a few things, On the Internet, content is king!

Online businesses need sales copy, articles, blog content and much more in order to attract website visitors, entice sales, and grow their revenue. Unfortunately for businesses, but fortunately for you and me, as more and more companies and entrepreneurs have turned their attention to the Internet, the competition has made finding fresh, original content more difficult than ever before.

This situation has created a dire need for writers who can create content for various websites all over the Internet – and it doesn’t have to be great content, or even good content for that matter, just being able to write “average” articles, reviews, and blog entries could make you a lot of money just from the internet!

That’s Right, If You Can Write at a Basic Ninth-Grade Level,
This Could Be the Easy Opportunity You Need to Explode Your Income!


Get Paid To Write On The Internet

Easy Writing Biz - Get Paid To Write On The Internet


Instant Letter Writing Kit

Comprehensive Letter Writing Style Guide For Writing All Types Of Letters,
With ... Over 100 Formatted Templates.

Do you ever find yourself "spinning your wheels" when you need to write a business or personal letter? If you do, this unique letter writing kit was created to help you get back on track. Using the real-life templates in this kit, you will never have to stare at a blank screen or empty page again when you need to write an important letter.

What makes this Kit so powerful is that it is a comprehensive letter-writing "how-to" style guide COMBINED WITH over 100 professionally written, fully-formatted, full length, real-life letter templates for both business and personal situations. In fact, extensive online research over a period of years confirms that the letters included in this Kit cover more than 99% of ALL letters ever written or requested.

"Instant Letter Writing Kit is a completely unique and comprehensive letter writing toolkit that will help you write EVERY kind of letter. It combines a letter writing style guide full of tips, tricks, advice and pointers WITH more than 100 fully-formatted real-life templates that can be downloaded straight into your word processor.

The letter templates in the Kit are based on five years of research into the actual letters that people are most often searching for online, and they represent over 99% of ALL letters ever written or requested. This Kit will help you write every kind of letter you'll ever need to write."

Here's what you get instantly with Instant Letter Writing Kit:

  • One-stop comprehensive letter-writing style guide full of tips, tricks, pointers, information and samples; all detailing exactly how to produce EVERY kind of letter just like a professional would. (It's a 225 page style guide with sample letter templates that you can download straight into Adobe Reader right now).
  • More than 100 fully-formatted real-life templates that cover more than 99% of English language letters EVER written or requested in the entire world. That's right, the entire world.
  • All 107 sample letters are provided to you in a separate templates file (MS-Word format) that you can download straight into your word processor and instantly copy, cut and paste any way you like.
  • Special Bonus writing-help eBook titled Writing Success Secrets - Practical Tips and Tricks For Everyday Writing. (89 pages of writing tips, tricks and pointers).
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to use my proprietary "Template Adaptation Method" to quickly and easily turn ANY letter template into a customized high quality letter that will meet your requirements.
  • Dozens of tips, tricks, pointers and insider information, on how to write the vast majority of letters that you will ever need to write.
  • Bonus letter writing resources chapter that contains my personally researched list of the Top 25 Letter Writing Sites online PLUS my personal short-list of Top Letter Writing Reference Books.
  • My personal and professional guarantee that if you find a letter writing requirement NOT covered by my real-life templates, I will write your letter for you - for free!
  • 100% Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee should you find that your use of the Kit does not save you time, trouble, and money and give you professional quality letters.
  • Powerful arsenal of letter writing tools that will allow you to quickly and easily produce professional letters for every business and personal situation.

If you need high quality, professional letters for any business or personal situation, in a hurry, Instant Letter Writing Kit will give you that capability. This is the ONLY letter writing resource that is entirely based on the actual letters that people write and request, worldwide.

How To Write Every Kind of Letter Like a Pro!
By ... Shaun Fawcett M.B.A.

Instant Letter Writing Kit - How To Write Every Kind of Letter Like a Pro!


Secrets to Churning Out Bestsellers!

Get it Published and Turn it into a Bestseller!

Revealed: the Secrets to Writing for Profit and ...
Creating Your Own Bestsellers

Writing for Profit and Creating Niche Non-Fiction Bestsellers.
You Can Do It With My Amazing New Writing Course Even If You've Never Written Anything Before In Your Life

Hi, My Name is Jim Green

It’s a fact, you can do it; you can become a bestselling author in the realms of niche non-fiction when you learn the 20 Secret Power Strategies in my amazing new creative writing course…

How's this for proof of its amazing power?

Just 5 weeks after publication day and my latest book "Your Retirement Master Plan" ranks No.10 out of 3142 competitive titles on Amazon.co.uk!

‘Secrets to Churning Out Bestsellers’

Click on NEW WRITING COURSE in the navigation bar and take the first step to galvanizing your writing output, getting published, and attaining bestseller status.

You won’t find these secret strategies anywhere else.

The choice is yours…

Continue to slog away blindly in your struggle to become published or get on the fast track immediately with the tried and tested strategies contained in my amazing new creative writing course.

You could be flicking through the pages of your own bestseller and checking out your rankings on Amazon.com instead of looking at an ever-growing pile of rejection slips…

The publisher calls with the news that your book is in the Top 10.
It's a wonderful feeling when an extra income idea and your very first attempt at writing for profit pays off big time. It happened to me and it could just as easily happen to you. "Starting Your Own Business" (How-To-Books ISBN 1-85703 -859-2) was listed by The Independent newspaper in its edition of Tuesday 17 July 2001 as one of the Top 10 Business Books world wide. I was delighted of course but especially so because this particular piece of niche non-fiction (first published in 1994) had been around the block many times: eight reprints, currently in its third revised edition and rapidly heading towards a fourth.

How could an inexperienced part-time writer's first attempt at writing for profit attain such longevity and achieve corresponding widespread media and reader recognition?

How could this be and what interest could writing for profit hold for you?

Access my proven strategies: they will empower you to earn extra income at home by creating niche non-fiction and generating exponential residuals in your spare time

This powerful creative writing course reveals the closed secrets that propelled my first traditionally published niche non-fiction book to dizzy heights and inspired me to replicate the formula with a sequel that continues to sell in big numbers online and offline "Starting an Internet Business at Home" (Kogan Page ISBN 0-7494-3484-8) followed by a host of other top selling titles. What I have achieved in writing for profit, so too can you when you are in possession of my tried and tested make-money-writing formula.

Secrets to Churning Out Bestsellers!
1st Creative Writing Course

Secrets to Churning Out Bestsellers - Creative Writing Course!


Create Your Own Ebook

This is a no-nonsense, no-hype article about how to earn real money on the Internet, explained.

How to Create Your Own eBook
and start a new Income on the Internet!

Put Your Internet Profits on Autopilot!

Ask yourself a few very important questions:

  • Do you want to earn a steady, monthly income by creating and selling your own eBook?
  • Do you want to earn a steady, monthly income instantly by selling other people's eBooks (info-products) for a substantial profit? Even without your own web site?
  • Do you want to create a new, independent future for yourself by starting your own Internet business?

If your answer is YES to any or all of those questions, read on:

  • Do you know what it takes to create an eBook (and a cover, like the one to the right)?
  • Do you know that there are tools that you already have on your computer, and tools that you can download on the Internet, for free, that will do the job for you?
  • Do you know that there are thousands of product owners wanting you to promote their products on the Internet for a healthy 50% (or more) commission?
  • Do you know how to be found for your product amongst your competitors?

If your answer is NO to any or all of those questions, read on:

You don't have to be a Computer Wizard to Generate Your Own Income and Wealth on The Internet!

Here are the benefits you'll get:

  • Detailed instructions on how to structure and write your own eBook(s)

    With a tool you already have on your computer. I'll also show you where you can get an even better tool, for free.

  • How to design and include graphics

    With a tool you already have.

  • How to place hyperlinks into your eBook

    Linking to other web sites, videos, sound, etc. from within your eBook.

  • How to produce PDF eBooks at no cost whatsoever.

    I have included downloading and user instructions for completely free tools for creating professional PDF documents, where others will charge you your shirt and more.

  • Recommended resources for building your own web site

    Believe me, you can do it. I have included several FREE downloadable courses for your convenience.

  • Additional resources

Use my recommended resources to learn how you can use Google in order to profit from the fast-growing Internet, within 15 minutes from now! I do it every day...

The Complete Guide To Profit On EBooks!

Create Your Own Ebook - how to earn real money on the Internet, explained.


Your Ethical Will

Legacy to leave your loved ones Spiritual Ethical Will is greatest
From Madeline Binder

How to create Your Ethical Will - A Step-by-Step Instantly Downloadable eBook for Writing Your Spiritual & Ethical Legacy.

"You don't have to be a Professional Writer or have a great personal story to write Your Ethical Will... anyone can leave a spiritual legacy."

With just a half hour a day for seven days plus a 83 page guide you will be able to leave a legacy that goes beyond material possessions... With Absolutely No Writing Experience

  • Using the Step-by-Step Guide you will discover a Proven System that shows you Exactly what to include in Your Ethical Will.

  • Follow the tutorials and fill in your responses to the questions and you will have written your legacy by the time you complete the worksheets.

  • Choose from 4 different approaches when writing the Wealth of Your Life.

With 83 pages and a Step-by-Step Guideline coupled with easy to use Templates
Your Ethical Will will Show you how to:

  • Get ready to write Your Ethical Will - a secret way to tap into your creativity.
  • Determine who your audience will be.
  • Decide which of 4 approaches you want to take to write your legacy...
  1. Uncover your true values and beliefs - know exactly how they influenced your life.
  2. Define the roles you have played with your family, friends, in your community and country.
  3. Discover defining moments that have shaped who you are, how you live your life and lessoned learned.
  4. Design and write a historical-relationship genealogy.
Put your spiritual document together - once you have a clear idea of what you want to say in an ethical will, wouldn't it be wonderful to get thoughtful, expert assistance? You will be given thorough guidance with the 5-easy steps:
  • Step 1. How to make an outline from the information your gathered.
  • Step 2: Determine what theme to use for Your Ethical Will.
  • Step 3: How to create unique / special effects that you can add to your ethical will.
  • Step 4: How to organize your document.
  • Step 5: How to choose when it is a good time to present your testament.

How To Write Your Spiritual Ethical Will



Power Words For Emotional Selling

Learn How Dead Simple It Really Is To Master Your Writing Skills,
Captivate Your Audience & Earn More Money!

It's Simply Amazing - In Just Minutes, You Will...

Learn How Dead Simple It Really Is To Master Your Writing Skills,
CAPTIVATE YOUR AUDIENCE & ... Gain The Results You Desire Most!

Dear Frustrated Writer,

How many times have you been:

  • Puzzled? Wondering how to present your ideas so others could experience a real *WOW! Factor*?
  • Baffled? Searching through a thesaurus for the perfect word combination to motivate your readers or listeners?
  • Fuming Mad? Still wondering why others receive better results than you have, even when selling the identical product or service?

You Can Finally Relax


Power Words For Emotional Selling will enable you to:

  • Express Conviction In Both Written and Spoken Word
  • Be Recognized As An Authority In Your Field
  • Sound More Convincing
  • Gain Confidence
  • Satisfy Your Appetite To Earn More (at work or in business)
  • Work Less by Working Smart With This Simple Resource Tool

It's Crammed with Result Pulling Ideas

Power Words For Emotional Selling
v1.2 Now Available

Power Words For Emotional Selling - v1.2 Now Available!


Instant Home Writing Kit (Revised Ed.)

Download over 100 templates now.
Letters - resumes - reports & emails.

How To Save Money - Time and Effort and Simplify Everyday Writing Tasks
By Shaun Fawcett M.B.A.

Guide for Home - School & Business!

If you ever find yourself struggling to write day-to-day personal and/or business documents such as letters, resumes, book reports, essays, term papers, business reports, or even e-mails -- this writing Kit was designed to simplify your life.

This truly unique writing resource is a comprehensive practical "hands on" style manual that will help you with your daily writing tasks whether for home, business or school. The more than 80 full-length real-life downloadable templates mean you'll never have to start writing from a blank page or screen again.

"Instant Home Writing Kit (Revised Edition) is a complete revision of the original best seller. It's a comprehensive writing style guide for home, business, and school that covers the writing of: letters (personal and business), resumes and c.v.s, essays (APA and MLA), book reports, and e-mails.

It includes a Bonus Chapter on how to write Business Reports. This 260+ page ebook is packed with practical tips, tricks, advice and info, and comes with more than 80 fully-formatted real-life sample templates that users can download into their word processors and use. It's a powerful general purpose writing toolkit that covers the entire range of day-to-day practical writing needs for home, business and school."

Here's what you get instantly with Instant Home Writing Kit:

  • One-Stop information-packed "how-to" writing toolkit to help you master and fast-track those day-to-day mundane writing tasks (A 268 page style guide with sample templates that you can download straight into Adobe Reader right now).
  • More than 80 fully-formatted, real-life templates (MS-Word format) which you can download straight into your own word processor and copy, cut, and paste as you like.
  • Hundreds of proven tips, tricks, and pointers for writing most documents commonly written for home, school and business purposes.
  • Bonus Chapter on business report writing, with never before published tips, tricks, advice, and outlines of real business reports.
  • Bonus Chapter on my unique Template Adaptation Method™ that shows you how to write ANY type of document using a real-life sample document.
  • Free Bonus Consultation with this author, by e-mail or telephone, on any writing project that you undertake using the Kit.
  • Special Bonus eBook titled Writing Success Secrets - Tips and Tricks For Everyday Writing. (89 pages of writing tips, tricks and pointers).
  • 100% Risk-Free Guarantee should you not at least recover 3 times the cost of the Kit in the first 2 months you use it.
  • Powerful Set of Writing Tools that will improve your writing skills and open up new career and earning opportunities for you.

If you are one of those wise people who would like your day-to-day personal and business writing to go to the "next level", Instant Home Writing Kit is designed to do just that. It truly is a one-of-a-kind, practical, hands-on guide.

Instant Home Writing Kit

Instant Home Writing Kit by Shaun Fawcett M.B.A.


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