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How To Write Successful Feature Articles!

Want To Advertise Your Site Virally For Free? Only 15 Minutes To Start!

“Finally! A Handbook on How To Write And Publish Your Own SPECIAL FEATURE ARTICLES Successfully ... no matter what topic you write on!"

Discover the secrets for Reporters, Correspondents and Freelance writers who desire to contribute to popular magazines and newspaper ... Techniques as taught by the professor who started it all at University of Wisconsin-Madison!

Write your own feature articles for ...

  • Prestige and recognition as an expert in your field once Editors/Webmasters to publish your articles.

  • As a freelance writer, you can earn very good money in your spare time writing the articles, books, etc. that Editors and Publishers want.  Millions are paid out annually in fees and royalties. Earning your share can be fun, profitable and creatively most fulfilling.

  • A low-risk additional stream of incomes that you can operate virtually anywhere in the world through your computer.

  • Extremely High Profit Margins! Write once and you can focus on your niche areas.

  • Make money on "autopilot" 24 hours a day with "ZERO" delivery cost! Compile your articles into an eBook.

How To Write Successful Feature Articles!

How To Write Successful Feature Articles - Advertise Your Site Virally For Free!


Sentence Openers

Write ’No-Doze’ Prose In 24-Hours with Lessons Not Found in Bookstores

Hi, I'm Mary Duffy, Co-author of Sentence Openers. Not to brag but to arouse your curiosity: this book will be an eye opener for you!

Discover how you'll gain respect, fame, and fortune, with our fantastic e-book! And if you are a student, see how you'll get all 'A's in your essays and term papers.

Download Sentence Openers and you'll see that this humble book will change not only the quality of your writing, but also the quality of your professional life.

Put into action our structures and techniques and you won't go back to your old habits of writing straight prose --subject, verb, object-- that bores readers to tears.

No more S-V-O. No More S-V-O.

To your right you have an example of powerful writing by conservative writer Patrick J. Buchanan. Note how Buchanan expresses his controversial themes without using to the S-V-O pattern.

If you are in the habit of writing sentences that begin with articles, nouns, or pronouns, then your prose will sound like:

John hit the ball. Danny the catcher caught the ball. The crowd roared. Then we evened the score. It was late into ...

How boring! Driven to tedium and distraction, readers will abandon you and run for the exit.

What do you usually find in Bookstores to Help You write better opening sentences?

Very little! You will find the same old tools:

Old grammar books, exhausted writing guides, unimaginative workshops paperbacks, and faded style books that offer the same rehashed examples.

In many Writing Centers and Writing guides the emphasis is on essay thematic structure. They teach you, for example, how to structure an essay, but they don't teach you how to open your essay; how to open your sentences.

So, you're stuck!

Of little use will be to you that you become an expert writing topic sentences, their development, transitions, restatements, and writing conclusions. Yet, not a single lesson about opening sentences in a proper and exciting manner.

Try our way: write a sentence that you'll love and that you'll be proud of it. If you are a student try writing papers that are ready for publication.

Now, let me tell you what you'll find in our e-book:

Mary Duffy's Writing Guide

Sentence Openers - Mary Duffy's Writing Guide!


Screenplay - 7 Moments that will Captivate Your Audience!

This book teaches Screenwriters how to captivate their audience in every scene.

Christian Blake

The Most Powerful Marketing Tool On The Planet

The information on this page is priceless. Do not take it lightly. Watch the video, and finish reading every word on this page. This is the best business idea you have ever seen.

If you are looking to increase the market share of your business or perhaps you are looking to start a home-based business with unlimited earning potential, watch the video and learn about the most powerful marketing tool in existence. I have had sole control over this direct-mail, marketing postcard since 2005. Now I'm sharing everything I know. This business model is for anyone!

  • Are you tired of working for your boss and building HIS company while you earn a measly pay check every week?

  • Are you getting more and more into debt each and every year?

  • Do you realize that your earnings stop when you stop working? Don't you think it's time you develop your own business and unlock your earning potential?

  • Do you live pay check to pay check? If so, I know how it feels: it sucks! The only way to break free is to establish your own business.

  • Do you realize, as an employee, you are getting less and less money every year from your earned income? Taxes, inflation, and cost of living are driving your earning potential straight into the ground! Your best solution is to start your own business! And what you see on this site is a revolutionary, one of a kind business model like you have never seen!

Postcard Mailer Marketing Tool - Cutting Edge Business Model!

Screenplay - 7 Moments that will Captivate Your Audience!


1001 Character Quirks For Writing Fiction

Aspiring Fiction Authors:
Create Memorable, Engaging Fiction Characters and Stories with this Compact Writing Tool.

Timothy King

  1. Have you ever gotten stuck writing your stories, because your fictional characters “ran out of steam”?

  2. Have you ever found yourself banging your head against the wall, thinking you’ve run out of story ideas?

  3. Have you ever marvelled at others’ fictional characters, because they seem to have such depth and complexity, and thought to yourself, I wish I could write characters like that?

Let me ask you...

What If You Had a Magic Idea Box...
That Just Kept Pouring Out Character Ideas?

“The techniques in this ebook, the result of years of intensive research, always supply me with more usable character ideas than I need.”

From J. Timothy King
Writer, www.JTimothyKing.com

Dear Fiction Author,

Why do some writers seem to have a never-ending supply of wonderful characters? Meanwhile, you struggle with yours. Why is it, no matter how hard you try, your characters still come out feeling flat?

Here’s why: Because those writers, after years of research and practice, know professional techniques for creating rich, memorable characters.

I believe character is the single most important aspect of a story, because if you have compelling characters, you can get away with numerous mistakes elsewhere in your writing. That's not to say that character is the only important thing. You still must write competently, construct a compelling plot, pace your story well, and so forth. But when you goof - and we all do - great characters will cover a multitude of sins. Because your readers identify with characters - not with plot devices - and these readers will be willing to overlook a foible here and there for the sake of a character they love.

But where does one get ideas to make a deep, interesting character? All writers struggle sometimes to find the right character traits. The good news is that character traits are just ideas, and ideas are incredibly easy to come by. Once you know how to find them, you can have as many character ideas as you want, because raw ideas are a dime a dozen.

What if you had a magic “idea box,” and when you opened it up, character ideas just started pouring out? What would that do for your writing? If you had a magic idea box, you could:

  • Produce rich, 3-dimensional characters that readers will remember, because you will make readers laugh, cry, and feel for your characters.
  • Cut your writing time in half (or better), because you’ll know exactly where you are with each of your characters and exactly how to deal with any obstacles that arise.
  • Permanently overcome a major source of “writer’s block”: not knowing how your characters fit into the story.
  • Virtually eliminate the frustration of creating characters and the fear that your characters will never be good enough.
  • Increase your writing prowess, and earn kudos from other writers.
  • Exercise your creative muscle, and make yourself more creative.
  • Write fictional characters that people want to get to know and to talk about.
  • Create characters that intrigue and excite you.

Here’s the thing: The magic “idea box” is for real. There actually is a writing tool that can help you do all these things. It's a tool that professional writers spend years researching, designing, building, refining. So what is this powerful writing tool? It starts with something every writer needs, and something you may even have already started. I’m talking about a character journal. A character journal is a long list of character traits. Whenever you need an idea, you go to the journal, and it helps you find the right character trait.

But a tool accomplishes nothing unless one knows how to wield it. And that is the secret to creating winning fictional characters with this tool, how to cash in on your character journal. Once you grasp this truth, you’ll appreciate that ideas really are only worth “a dime a dozen,” because you’ll have more great ideas coming to you than you ever thought possible.

I want to kick-start your character journal with 1001 Character Quirks.

1001 Character Quirks For Writing Fiction

1001 Character Quirks For Writing Fiction - Timothy King


10 Simple Steps To Ebook Authoring

Learn to get clarity on any idea and develop the attitudes, skills,
knowledge that you need to author an ebook.

Glenn Dietzel's

Author and Grow Rich!

Yes, Author And Get Rich is completely case study driven showcasing the thousands of clients including Joel Comm, New York Times Best Seller, who have accelerated their authoring and business success…

Fast Write Your Book In 10 To 15 Minutes A Day and Simultaneously Create The Most Expensive Programs In Your Niche With This Rapid Business Development System.

Author And Get Rich:
How To Author A 100 Page Money-Making Book In Less Than 12 Hours…
And Gain Instant Access To A New York Publisher!

Dear Author And Get Rich Friend:

Not only do we have the quickest and easiest authoring system the world has ever seen, but we have also have a marketing team to show you how to promote your book.

As a former Vice Principal, I Want To Show You How You Can Earn $$$$$ By Sharing What You Know - Your Passion And Expertise - and putting the offline world and the Internet to work for you.

We’ve Produced Over 1,803 Books/eBooks And Counting…This System Has Been Recognized By ADOBE Corp.
And Offers The First Ever Guarantee In The Authoring, Publishing and Business Arena… Instant Access To A Books-In-Bookstore New York Publisher!


This is more than a book on how to write rapidly.

This is an authoring and business deployment system designed to teach you how to use your book to lead your target market to only do business with you!

The Author And Get Rich system is designed for busy people - just like YOU - who have little time and who want to take YOUR passion and expertise to a world wide audience and short-cut the learning process.

But First…

Yes! Author And Get Rich has an Author And Get Rich Hall Of Fame section in each chapter that showcases one of the thousands of case studies that this system has - real people just like you including…

  • Case Study #1: Joel Comm (#5 New York Times Best Seller - today he is a multi-millionaire!)
  • Case Study #2: Drew Miles (Imagine using your book to sell $50K+ programs!)
  • Case Study #3: Margaret Merrill (Imagine selling licenses to your material!)
  • Case Study #4: Ken McArthur (Imagine making impact on a large scale!)
  • Case Study #5: Wes Waddell (Imagine using your book to leave your Systems’ Engineering job to follow your passion!)

But YOUR Big Question Is…

“Will the Author and Get Rich System Work for Me?”

Glenn Dietzel's - 10 Simple Steps To Ebook Authoring

Glenn Dietzel's- 10 Simple Steps To Ebook Authoring!



6 Figure Freelancer

How To Make $100,000 Per Year Writing Content Online.


Discovered - Simple Ways To make an...
"Online 6 Figure Income!"!

Broke, Jobless And Worried About Survival, I Cracked The 6 Figure Code... Discover Secrets That Flood Bank Accounts With Cash.  I'll Reveal Quick-n-Easy Tactics That Generate An Online 6-Figure Income... Guaranteed! 

And It Gets Better... Anyone Can Make This Work

From: David Drake: Dear Friend,

Are you looking for a Guaranteed and easy way to make an online 6-figure income.  One that can be run in your spare-time from home, or anywhere in the world... this letter is the answer to your dreams!

The Reason I Am Letting These Long Held Secrets Out of The Bag

Back in 2004 my entire world tumbled.  The dream I had been chasing for 9 years… pouring my heart and soul into suddenly vanished.  I won’t go into nauseating details, but I was 24 years of age broke, and bankrupt. 

I had a zero bank balance, and was living with my parents… man I was flat broke!  This was not a proud moment in my life.  My situation was grim as was my attitude.  I was prepared to give up on everything… but as I was walking in the backyard of my parent’s home I remembered a quote by Jigoro Kano the founder of Judo…

“Fall down 7 times but make sure to get up the 8th time”

I was inspired!  I was going to get up the 8th time and win.  I evaluated my position… zero bank balance, jobless and worried about survival.  I needed an opportunity that would raise cash fast, simple to implement and zero upfront capital.  Time to put the thinking cap on!

As luck would have it… one day a friend told me he had sold a piece of software online for $110.00 sitting a home.  That was all I needed, I trusted my friend.  So, I rushed home and got online.

After getting online I realized that I couldn’t code if my life depended on it!  What I found was , you could get paid to write online content.  My writing skills were poor, and to make matters worse… I’m a slow writer.  But my situation was dire… and I started going after writing assignments.

My first assignment was for a woman, writing content for her site on wheelchairs.  I have to tell you… I struggled to finish the assignment.  She was ecstatic with the results, and gave me rave reviews!  My English teacher would have fallen out of her chair!

 Soon I was winning assignments and raking in the cash writing online content. 

This story has 3 important points to make:

1. There are people all over the Internet looking for people to write their online content.  This is a booming trend… and shows little signs of slowing down.

2. Writing online content is the quickest and surest way to make a 6 figure online today.  The September 2007 issue of “The Writer” published an excellent article: "Secrets of Six-Figure Freelancers", which covered magazine freelance writers who are making six figures, with one making $260,000 per year. This proves that you can make a great income as any kind of freelance writer.

3. Think you need to be a Pulitzer Prize winning writer to earn a 6-figure income online?  Writing skills are less important than other skills.  The average person only reads at a 6th grade level.  To be a good online content writer you only need to write in a basic conversational tone… like you talk. 

 If You Don't Read The Rest Of This Letter,
You'll Watch As Less Talented People Rack Up Huge Incomes.

6 Figure Freelancer

6 Figure Freelancer - How To Make $100,000 Per Year Writing Content Online.


How To Make A Fortune Writing For Fortune 500 Companies

You Can Make an ABSOLUTE FORTUNE Writing for Fortune 500 Companies...
even if you don't know where to start.

“Here's How You Can Make an ABSOLUTE FORTUNE Writing for Fortune 500 Companies... even if you don’t know where to start, who to talk to or what to say!” - Guaranteed!

From: NELSON DUFFLE - Author, “How to Make A Fortune Writing for Fortune 500 Companies"

Dear Friend,

Would you like to discover the secrets of the incredibly lucrative corporate writing industry from a successful marketing executive who’s been hiring writers for over 22 years?

You can quickly & easily learn how to…

  • Find big companies that are HUNGRY for your writing skills
  • Track down hiring managers that have HUGE dollars to spend
  • Say EXACTLY the right things they want to hear
  • Send the writing samples that WORK and leave out the rest
  • Negotiate the HIGHEST PAYING contracts
  • Land the very jobs that you WANT to land
  • Keep getting PAID TO WRITE as often as you like!
You Can Make Major Money as a Freelance Corporate Writer,
Even if You're an Absolute Beginner

I don’t care if you’re a professional writer or a beginner. It doesn’t matter if you’re a schoolteacher or an actor. Or a student or a housewife.

No matter what you are, if you can write, I can show you how to...


I'm sure you'll agree that information like this would be extremely valuable, right?

How To Make A Fortune Writing For Fortune 500 Companies

How To Make A Fortune Writing For Fortune 500 Companies


Get Your Writing Fighting Fit

Finally an e-book that reveals the secrets of editing.
This book removes the mysteries of editing.

If you could edit your own writing, save heaps of money, and still get your material the attention it deserves, wouldn't you?

Introducing - Get Your Writing Fighting Fit

"This Unique Ebook Removes the Mystery From Editing So You Can Do It Yourself"

Finally, an ebook that reveals editing secrets!

You need answers... Get Your Writing Fighting Fit shows you what to do and how to do it...

Evergreen Information Clearly Written

Get Your Writing Fighting Fit reveals the inside information professional editors know about how to approach the editing task. Written for today's writer, it provides both timeless information about how readers approach hard copy text, and up-to-date information about how reading from a screen is different.

Important information in simple language finally puts self-editing within your reach.

This ebook offers concrete advice from a professional

Dear Writer,

I know how it feels to worry about your writing and not know where to find help. I write myself, and as an editor, I work with writers like you all the time. I decided to extend the help I give writers by writing out the solutions to the most common problems writers have and making them available to you.

Now my ebook helps writers to help themselves with those very real concerns about whether a text is good enough. When I began to share sections of the text as I was creating the book, the writers were thrilled.

Before I get into the details, let me introduce myself.

My name is Audrey Owen.

I've loved words since I was a wee mite who slept in a crib. At two I reeled off nursery rhymes. As a child, I read for hours curled up in the big green stuffed chair. In University, I studied English literature. As an adult, I taught both native English-speaking children and pre-service ESL teachers how to use language to best advantage.

My natural love of language and my habit of asking how and why writing works the way it does or how and why it misses the mark caught the attention of peers and a professor of writing. With their encouragement, I began to edit formally.

Within the editing community, I've set myself apart by offering an educative edit that shows readers not only what needs to change, but why.

The response from my clients gives me daily confidence in the value of what I have to share. So, just how will you benefit from my skill and experience?

You need a competitive edge. . .

Get Your Writing Fighting Fit
Secrets Of Self-Editing Revealed

Get Your Writing Fighting Fit: Secrets Of Self-Editing Revealed


Ten Non-Techie Ways To Market Your Book Online

Learn the secrets to quadruple your profits from Book Sales ...
without going through another Book signing.

How to Market Your eBook and Sell Online with...
Ten Non Techie Ways to Market Your Book Online

Maybe you are too busy to market, or a reluctant marketer. Maybe you are disappointed with traditional book marketing and you've tried internet marketing and didn't get it to work for you. And maybe you're just tired of pouring time and money down the drain?

Whether you are an author from a print of demand book publisher, or a non fiction author who wants to increase customer base, or a top entrepreneur or business person who wants to brand and market yourself, this book is for you!

Suppose you could learn how to market your ebook to successfully promote your information product or book, in print or e-format, to thousands, even tens of thousands, of eager buyers online every single week! You will work less than nine hours a week, and can delegate parts of your marketing to a VA or in house assistant, Follow what marketing works with 8-year veteran, Judy Cullins, who has profited well from writing short articles and submitting them to only high traffic ezine directories and blogs.

Inside this book, you'll work Judy who will teach you how to create a high traffic website, ezine / newsletter, connect with your audience through article marketing, social networking such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and micro-blogging Twitter.


  • Raise your free targeted visitors to your website by 25% or more each month.
  • Get your pages highly ranked on search engines such as Google.
  • Discover five changes in article marketing to boost more traffic.
  • Enjoy an astounding increase in sales of your services and products!
  • Increase your credibility as a savvy expert with a much greater web presence!
  • Transform your expertise to brand yourself and your work.
  • Sell your ebook online at a growing rate.
  • Ten Non-Techie Ways To Market Your Book Online

    Ten Non-Techie Ways To Market Your Book Online


    Writing Rituals For Marketing Writers & Copywriters

    Use these 5 rituals to massively increase your writing productivity.
    By ... Nick UsBorne

    Writing Rituals For Marketing Writers & Copywriters

    Writing Rituals For Marketing Writers & Copywriters By ... Nick UsBorne


    Frustrated Authors Finish & Publish Your Book Get Big $ 6-Month System

    Frustrated Authors Wanted!
    Finally finish your book, get an agent, get it published and start making BIG money Fast.

    Finally, a kick-in-the-pants - guaranteed - system if, you're a frustrated author or writer who wants to ...

    "Stop Procrastinating, Get Your Book Done and
    Start Collecting FAT Checks... ALL IN RECORD TIME"

    Frustrated Authors Finish & Publish Your Book Get Big $ 6-Month System

    Frustrated Authors Finish & Publish Your Book Get Big $ 6-Month System


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