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Below are the recommended products that you can rely on...
beginner or professional.

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How To Write For EHow

This Ebook Is A Complete, Comprehensive Guide To Writing Articles for Ehow.com
and... Make Money Doing It.

Janet Ford

How To Write For EHow - The Ultimate Guide To Writing On EHow

How To Write For EHow - The Ultimate Guide To Writing On EHow


101 Ways To Power-Up Your Writing

101 Time-Tested Methods for Success How-To Guide from Fortune 500 Writer

Improve Your English Right Away

Say Goodbye to Embarrassing Mistakes and Get Ahead in Life!

How good is your English?

  • Do you worry if you've made a mistake after you write an important email to your boss and hit the SEND button?
  • Do you write articles, professional reports and marketing copy that have avoidable mistakes?

Why take chances?

Writing mistakes have a cost...
(even if they are too polite to tell it to your face)

  • At a minimum, people call you back and ask what you exactly mean to say and force you to spend extra time and energy to re-explain yourself.
  • If the situation continues, a time comes when people start to question your ability to communicate.
  • You can even lose a job or a loved one due to a bad choice of words or an awkward sentence that fails to express what you're really trying to convey.

This downloadable e-book will teach you everything that I've learned about clear powerful writing which gets the job done and makes an impact!

101 Ways to Power-Up Your Writing
shows you with numerous examples

  • how to be a more effective writer and
  • how to achieve more through the power of clear communication.

Apply these methods, eliminate needless errors from your

  • letters
  • blogs
  • articles
  • reports
  • e-mails
  • web sites
  • books
  • sales copy

and improve your life and career today!

101 Ways To Power-Up Your Writing

101 Ways To Power-Up Your Writing - How-To Guide from Fortune 500 Writer


You Can Make Money Writing

I make thousands per month writing simple articles - I’ll show you how!

You Can Make Money Writing
By Steve Gillman

Now almost anyone can make money writing. - Steve

Imagine writing simple articles and making money doing it. Even better, what if you only wrote about things that interest you? Welcome to the world of online writing. Submit your articles to the right places, get streams of traffic to your website, and visitors click on your affiliate ads or buy your products even while you sleep. That's just one way - you can also make money without a website or a penny of investment! Just use the lessons in the new ebook: You Can Make Money Writing (With Simple Online Articles).

Some of what you'll get when you buy the book:

  • Which article directory delivers ten times the traffic of others? I'll tell you in chapter two.
  • Which are the easiest types of articles to write? Anyone can do these!
  • Five ways to use articles to make money without a website!
  • How to convert a reader into a visitor and a customer.
  • The "rules" of article marketing, and when you need to break them.
  • How to write the perfect author's resource box to make visitors out of readers.
  • How to get your articles found by the search engines using simple optimization techniques.

You Can Make Money Writing

You Can Make Money Writing - I make thousands per month writing simple articles - I’ll show you how!


Overnight Writing Income

Discover how easy it is to earn Overnight Writing Income!
even if you have never had writing experience!

Website Owners Are Desperate  for Writers

  • No College Degree!
  • No Writing Experience!
  • No Internet Experience!

If you are able to write a letter, you can write for the Internet.
It’s easy, and it can be done in your own home, whenever you like. 

But you need to know where the work is - how to find these Secret Markets

For the cost of a few cups of coffee, Overnight Writing Income will expose these markets and...
show you how to start earning from them TODAY!

Overnight Writing Income

Overnight Writing Income - Discover how easy it is to earn Overnight Writing Income!


Ghostwriting Goldmine

Follow these simple step by step instructions and you can instantly become a well known author.

Learn The Dirty Little Secret Of How Proven World-Class Marketers Churn Out Product After Product, With Little Or No Effort ...

"Follow These Simple, Step by Step Instructions and You Can Instantly Become
A Well Known Author... Without Writing A Word
, and You Get To Keep 100% Of the Profits!"

Learn how to maximize your time and minimize your effort with the best kept "dirty little secret" in the industry that will supercharge your business, your wealth, and your life!

From: Lorette Lyttle

Dear Fellow Product Creator,

What is the one thing that you wish you had more of? Other than money, it would be time.

How do you make more money? First of all you have to mazimize your time.

Time is our most valuable resource, and we never seem to have enough of it!

First of all, I can't believe I am about to reveal these secrets, in fact, I've been sitting on this product for awhile now, not sure if I should even release it. I will probably get sucker puched at the next Internet Marketing Seminar or get a bunch of hate mail for letting this secret out of the bag.

If you are ready, I am about to reveal to you a "dirty little secret" on how to maximize your time and minimize your effort.

Ghost Writing Goldmine

Ghostwriting Goldmine - instantly become a well known author.


How To Land (and keep) A Literary Agent

A veteran literary agent teaches you how to get published.

"Noah Lukeman, one of the top literary agents in New York, gave writers  a great gift."
 James Frey (regarding The Plot Thickens)

"This will certainly help writers of any kind defeat rejection and possibly score."
Writers.com (regarding The First Five Pages)

Many books have been written about how to get published. But few have been written by literary agents, who receive thousands of submissions each year and who grapple with them on a daily basis. Even fewer have been written by active literary agents who are willing to write from the trenches and offer their perspective on why they reject manuscripts, and why they accept them. And no books have been written from an agent's perspective on what it's like, step by step, to work with an agent on a daily basis, and on how to assure that you maintain a long, happy working relationship with your agent.

How to Land (and Keep) a Literary Agent is the first book written from an active literary agent's perspective that teaches authors why agents reject or accept manuscripts; why they decide to represent certain authors and not represent others; the best way to approach agents; the best way to work with an agent on a daily basis; and that offers them dozens of specific resources to make the difference in their finally finding the perfect agents for their work.

New York literary agent Noah Lukeman, President of Lukeman Literary Management Ltd, has represented multiple New York Times bestsellers, winners of the Pulitzer Prize and American Book Award, National Book Award Finalists, and has himself written three critically-acclaimed books on the craft of writing, The First Five Pages, The Plot Thickens, and A Dash of Style. During his last 13 years as a literary agent he has read thousands of manuscripts and represented hundreds of book deals, and in this book he shares his insider's perspective, offers insight and practical tips about what works and what doesn’t.

How to Land (and Keep) a Literary Agent is a must-read for any author serious about getting published. Geared for a broad range of authors, its subject matter is relevant to authors of fiction and non-fiction, screenwriters, poets - any serious author - offering principles that will help lead to success no matter what your craft. Practical and engaging, filled with exercises, anecdotes and sidebars, this 200 plus page book takes you on a journey, and will bring you that much closer to finally landing a literary agent.

How to Land (and Keep) a Literary Agent includes:

  • 10 Reasons Why You Need an Agent
  • 9 Steps to Building Your Bio (for Fiction)
  • 8 Ways to Build Your Non-Fiction Platform
  • 13 Factors to Consider When Evaluating an Agent
  • 24 Free Resources for Researching Agents
  • 11 Fee-Based Resources for Researching Agents
  • The 4 Musts of Submitting
  • 4 Keys to Successful Follow Up
  • 3 Resources to Protect you from Agent Scams
  • 5 Ways an Agent Can Take Advantage of You
  • To Use a Book Doctor?
  • 7 Ways to Protect Yourself in an Agency Agreement
  • To Hire an Attorney?
  • What it’s Like to Work With an Agent (a Step-by-Step Timeline)
  • A Publication Timeline Chart
  • 15 Ways to Assure a Great Relationship With Your Agent
  • 6 Reasons to Drop Your Agent
  • To Self Publish?

How To Land (and keep) A Literary Agent
by Noah Lukeman

How To Land (and Keep) A Literary Agent by Noah Lukeman


The Ultimate Guide To a Successful FREELANCE Writing Career!

Make Real Money As A Writer!

Stop Giving Your Work Away and Learn To Be A Professional Writer.

Why Make Pennies for your writing when you can make muck more?

Stop giving your work away and learn to be a professional write!

Take Your Writing Career to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!
I did it and YOU CAN TOO!

Make REAL MONEY as a writer with this Step by Step Writing Guide.

Are you tired of being a broke writer? I used to be in your shoes...

Without a doubt, you KNOW that you were born to write. Maybe you've tried submitting an article or two or seventy-three (but who's counting?). Maybe you even have a few publishing credits under your belt. Good for you! But, alas, you just can't seem to break through to that level of success you've always dreamed of. The level you know you're capable of reaching if only given a chance!

I used to be you. In fact, I used to give away my writing for free, in the hopes that someone would "discover" me and I would go on to million dollar success. But my phone never rang, no one came pounding on my door and my email inbox didn't get inundated with offers. Go figure.

The turning point for me was when my wife asked if I was always going to write for free (this was after FOUR YEARS of giving away my work). When I finally saw that my work - and time - had value, my life changed in a huge way. A VERY SUCCESSFUL WAY.

What if I could help you save even one year of struggle? What if my personal freelance roadblocks were put there to help you avoid the same issues? What if the tips and tools offered in this guide can help you move from average to exceptional? From ordinary to Outstanding? From struggling to successful?

If that's even remotely true, then facing those roadblocks was worth it.

Freelance writing has not always been easy, but it has certainly paid off. Not only in the satisfaction of knowing clients are pleased with the results, but with a FINANCIAL REWARD far greater than I ever dreamed was possible.

I'm here to tell you that if I could do it, YOU CAN, TOO.
It's time for YOU to reach that level of SUCCESS you know you're capable of.

NOW is your chance.

Why Listen To me?
So, what qualifies me (Glenn Hascall) to offer advice on the subject of freelancing?

  • I've successfully been published every month since 1995.
  • My writing can be found in more than 50 books and many magazines.
  • As a ghost writer I have had work published by the Wall Street Journal.
  • I have received payment for more than 3,000 articles, stories or books.
  • My creative writing has been dramatized and is heard on radio stations across the U.S.
  • There has not been a day in over 5 years when I did not have a writing assignment to complete for a client.

Make Real Money As A Writer!

The Ultimate Guide To a Successful FREELANCE Writing Career - Learn To Be A Professional Writer


“101 Slightly Unpredictable Tips for Novelists and Screenwriters”

Write and sell like the pros with these fresh and powerful writing tips.

Larry Brooks, the author of four critically-acclaimed bestsellers, has consolidated principles from his professional writing workshops into two ebooks below, “101 Slightly Unpredictable Tips for Novelists and Screenwriters” and “Story Structure – Demystified:

“101 Slightly Unpredictable Tips for Novelists and Screenwriters”

Here are a few things this little book – which isn’t so little, actually…
it’s over 32,000 words and 142 pages long – will show you:

  • Where and how to find fresh and original ideas…
  • How to stimulate your senses for an optimal writing environment…
  • The real yet too-often confused definition of story
  • How to create your U.S.P. as a writer…
  • The five things you should know about your story before you start…
  • How to make your work stand out in a slush pile crowd…
  • The most common fatal errors most new writers make…
  • What agents and publishers are really looking for…
  • The key to efficient and more effective story development…
  • Why bestsellers are bestsellers…
  • How to study and chart other stories…
  • Who sells their work, who doesn’t, and why…
  • The key to creating characters that editors love…
  • How to make your hero heroic…
  • What writers block really means, and how to get over it…
  • The most important thing about scene writing you’ll ever learn…
  • A roadmap to effective story architecture, and why this is essential…
  • The questions writers must ask and answer at all times…
  • The two magic pills of effective storytelling…
  • The Top Ten most important writing tips ever…

… and a long list of other ideas, tips, techniques, warnings, war stories, advice, and writing wisdom.

101 Slightly Unpredictable Tips for Novelists and Screenwriters
By Larry Brooks

101 Slightly Unpredictable Tips for Novelists and Screenwriters By Larry Brooks


How To Awaken The Writer Within

Discover How To Easily Write and Publish Your Very Own Cash Generating Book.

Throw Out The Cookie Cutter "How To Write A Book" Nonsense,
It's Time To Awaken The Writer Within...

“Discover How You Can Quickly And Easily Write Your Own Best Selling Book In As Little As 30 Days Following The Expert Advice Of A New York Times - Best Selling Author”

Renegade Best Selling Author Reveals How To Break All The Rules And ...
STILL Send Your Book Soaring Up The Charts
While Everyone Else Scratches Their Heads And Wonders How YOU Did It!

Dear Writer,

Imagine this plotline. A Vietnam War Veteran moves to the Everglades. His goal – to pursue the Florida Panther. Along the way he finds himself and learns to live in harmony with nature.

Does that sound like the sort of book publishers are chomping at the bits over? Can you picture a long line of publishing houses launching a bidding war to sign the author?  If you answered, no, then you're right. Partially, anyway.

Here's the real kicker.

How To Awaken The Writer Within
From: the desk of James “Jim” McMullen

How To Awaken The Writer Within - From: the desk of James “Jim” McMullen


Murder By Proxy

The Ezy-Links Resource For Mystery Writers that will eliminate hours of research for mystery writers.

From the desk of: Diane Thomas

Dear Fellow Author,

Writing a mystery is fun. Your imagination can soar. You can play with your readers, intrigue them, twist their minds with your plotting and then zap them with an exciting mystery ending. What fun!  Problem is, mystery readers are pretty smart characters themselves. They’re not easily fooled - and their continuing interest requires your forensics to be accurate, your plot to make sense, and your characters to fit the role you’ve created for them.

OK, so you really do have to work at it! Ask any mystery writer though - writing mysteries really is fun! But it does require a lot of resources and background information to make the stories real for your readers. So where do you find information on forensics, plotting, and character creation?

You can spend hours and hours online looking for information. You can spend more hours and hours searching for experts in forensics or someone on a police force that will help you.


You can simply look up the resource you need in Murder By Proxy.

Knowledge Is Just A Click Away...

The Ezy-Link Resource Guide provides the resources you need - with just a click!

If you need help with forensics, simply click on "Crime Scene Investigation" and you’ll find a whole section of forensic resources. If you want to contact a particular police force, click on "Criminal Investigation" and you’ll find resources with listings of police forces in the US and many other countries.

   "It’s so easy - even a cave man can do it!"
(I hope Geico will forgive me, but I couldn’t resist).

Research, Write and Publish Your Mystery Novel in Half the Time...

Find answers to your grammatical and writing craft questions in an instant.
Locate information on crimes, criminal investigations, etc. immediately.
Learn the ins and outs of publishing your book with a click.

Murder By Proxy
Diane Thomas

Murder By Proxy - Diane Thomas


How To Become A Writer Extraordinaire

Details THE Secrets To Becoming A Successful Writer.

Who Else Wants To Know ...

THE Secrets To Becoming A Successful Writer?


How Do You Avoid The Pitfalls That Keep Most Writers From Achieving Success?


Take this quick quiz

Answer these questions yes or no:

  • Have you always wanted to be a successful writer?

  • Do you pick up books at the bookstore and wish your name was on the cover?

  • Do you read articles and magazines and imagine what it would be like to have your by-line under the titles?

  • Do you want writing success but you’re confused about what you need to do to get it?

  • Do you want to be a great writer but have no idea what you need to do to become one?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions and if you're ready to stop the confusion and start following a sure path to writing success, AND if you're willing to invest your time and resources to meet your writing goals, keep reading.

How To Become A Writer Extraordinaire

How To Become A Writer Extraordinaire - author, Andrea (Ande) Rains Waggener


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